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divider-orange EarthslingersWelcome to Earth Slingers! We are one of the only precision material placement stone slinger companies in Greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts.  We handle Commercial Construction, Landscaping, Slab Preparation, and a variety of challenging conditions.  There is no task too big for us to move the earth.

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WE SLING EARTH!  Our AT-7 remotely operated all-terrain stone slinger is able to quickly and accurately place aggregate, mulch, loam, fill, rip-rap and other materials in hard to reach places, or large areas that would be very time consuming if placed using traditional methods.

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divider-orange EarthslingersWe take the hassles out of confined space material placement and slab preparation. No more moving massive amounts of crushed stone or other materials painstakingly with traditional machines, skid-steers, buggies or even by hand! Our slinger will rapidly and neatly place your aggregates or other materials super fast – requiring only a quick hand rake – and sometimes not even that!


Whether it’s a 1500sf residential slab or a 15,000sf commercial slab, Earth Slingers will prep your slab faster and cheaper than it can be done using traditional methods.