Earth Slingers is a division of Procopio Enterprises Inc., a family owned and operated construction company founded in 1950. In 2016, after seeing stone slingers in operation in other markets, and witnessing firsthand the time, money and material savings that they represented to contractors and owners, we decided we simply had to bring this into our market.


We are one of the only precision material placement stone slinger companies in Greater Boston, and the only company equipped to handle not only material placement but general earth moving operations as well. Our AT-7 remotely operated all-terrain stone slinger is able to quickly and accurately place aggregate, mulch, loam, fill, rip-rap and other materials in hard to reach places, or large areas that would be very time consuming if placed using traditional methods.

Ideal Scenarios

  • slab prep
  • commercial slab prep
  • pipe and wall bedding
  • complicated backfilling
  • large area mulch or chip placement
  • rip-rap placement
  • ponds
  • topsoil or loam placement
  • embankments
  • slope treatments
  • other large-area or confined space restricted site operations

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Earth Slingers provides significant savings in time and money on commercial construction jobs including spreading material inside large structures, road projects, embankments, ponds, slab preparation, fuel tank bedding, pipe bedding and general material handling – we’ve got it covered!  Find out how we can help you today.