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Our AT-7 remotely operated all-terrain stone slinger is able to quickly and accurately place aggregate, mulch, loam, fill, rip-rap and other materials in hard to reach places, or large areas that would be very time consuming if placed using traditional methods.

Commercial Construction

Earth Slingers provides significant savings in time and money on commercial construction jobs including spreading material inside large structures, road projects, embankments, ponds, slab preparation, fuel tank bedding, pipe bedding and general material handling – we’ve got it covered!

Slab Preparation

Whether it’s a 1500sf residential slab or a 15,000sf commercial slab, Earth Slingers will prep your slab faster and cheaper than it can be done using traditional methods. The precision placement of the material reduces waste while rapidly and accurately placing large volumes of crushed stone inside the foundation, footings or frost walls, even in the most challenging conditions. The precision with which the aggregate is placed reduces the time spent on finish raking and leveling, allowing for fast efficient job site flow.


Whether you are looking for precise placement of rip-rap, loam or mulch, Earth Slingers can place it quickly and accurately, reducing your manual labor costs and preserving your job schedules, all at a lower cost than traditional placement methods.

Challenging Conditions

Whether its tight sites, limited access areas, over fences, through trees, low overheads or commercial indoor spaces, we are the experts in placing materials accurately and rapidly in the most challenging of site conditions. Unlike rigid-frame slinger trucks, our all-terrain slinger is remotely operated, and can tackle the most complicated site conditions.

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